Sunday school

Sunday School is important because it is a major resource that is in accordance with the Bible’s repeated importance of training our children – from the examples of Adam to Jesus Christ Himself. Children learn much more easily than adults and we generally remember more of what we learned as children. (How many of you remember all those Bible stories and verses you learned as a child?) As well children are able to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and a life reached early for Christ is a life with fewer wasted years, a life that brings glory to God for many more years.

Our Sunday School includes infants, toddlers, new high school students, and all ages in between. Sunday School meets during the morning service. Students are registered in their classes so we can effectively care for them and communicate with their home.

Parents/guardians directly take their children to the Nursery (for birth to age 2) and Beginners for ages 2 and 3. From September through June Children in Kindergarten-Grade 6 begin worship in the sanctuary and then are dismissed to their classrooms. Youth in Grades 7-10 mostly go directly to their class.