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For over 70 years, Wilmar Heights Baptist Church has been a place where people have come to seek God, to pray, and be edified from God's Word, the Bible.


At Wilmar, God has committed to us a ministry of reconciliation and restoration. An essential part of our restoration ministry is helping people to know God through Bible studies and preaching messages that are life-changing and inspiring.

Wilmar Heights also offers a variety of programs geared toward meeting individual and family needs.


WHBC is a multicultural church that SHARES God's Word with non-believers and EMPOWERS believers for Christian Ministry in East Toronto and beyond. 



​We envision Wilmar to be a dynamic worshipping community where GOD IS LIFTED UP and people are drawn by his presence through the proclamation of the Word, uplifting music and passionate prayer.


We see non-believers finding a loving and understanding body by us showing them that Wilmar is a caring and safe place to bring one's needs to.

We envision the people of Wilmar actively sharing their faith with others outside the walls of the church through community events, mass media and outreach programs in East Toronto.


We see new generations of missionaries emerging from WHBC to share God's Word beyond East Toronto.


 We envision a church that empowers its people through teaching and training so that they are equipped to evangelize.


We see regular events that recognize and embrace our multicultural identity to further unify the body of WHBC.

We envision a discipleship process whereby all believers move toward spiritual maturity through ministry participation in the church, at home, at the workplace and in the community.

We see WHBC having well defined programs such as seminars and workshops that help discover members' and adherents' talents, skills and spiritual gifts.

We envision a church that ministers to families, single parents, seniors, single and young adults, children and youth through groups that are focused on specific needs.

We see God leading such spiritual harvest in the church that it would entail multiple Sunday morning services through growth in attendance.


We envision a remodeled sanctuary and facility preparatory to a larger church complex. 

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